Looking up references with ease

Highlights comes with some special power tools for academics. The PDF underline tool for reference lookups is a super fast and easy way to get to the source of a reference without touching the keyboard.

How do I enable it?

Go to Preferences –> PDF –> Underlining power tools and select a color for your reference lookups:

This color should be a color you do not use for other types of annotations as it will no longer be extracted along aside your regular annotations.

How do I use it?

To look up a reference, select the text in the PDF and underline it using the color you set in the preferences:

If the references are ordered by number you can include the numbering:

Underlined references show up at the bottom in the notes panel:

Highlights will do an online search for the reference and if successful link it to the source:

If you enabled integration with Papers or Bookends the link will send you to your reference manager otherwise it will open in your default browser.

If the reference number is included in the underlined text, Highlights will look for this number in your notes. Here is an instance of it in a highlighted section:

..and replaces it with a footnote-link to the reference at the bottom:

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