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Just give me the highlights!

Highlights for Mac is the PDF reader that summarizes for you.

Extract highlighted text, notes and images from PDFs into neat summaries that you can share via email, archive to Evernote or save to disk.

Highlighted text

Highlighted text in your PDF is extracted and turned into quotes.


PDF notes, either independent or attached to annotations, are treated as plain text.

Image selections

PDF selections are saved as images. Attached notes are used for figure legends.

A new way to read and annotate.

Highlights can be used for extracting annotations from already annotated PDFs, but really shines when you work with PDFs and notes in sync.

Export directly to a range of applications

Or just save as plaintext files (Markdown/TextBundle), rich HTML/PDF files or share via email.

It's your notes, you decide where they go.

What are people saying?

"If this is something you need, then Highlights is kind of a game changer."

- Gabe Weatherhead,

"[...] gather just the useful bits from an article to save you having to re-read it all."

- Catherine Pope,
The Digital Researcher

"Highlights, an amazing tool for two-way sync of Markdown notes with PDF annotations."

- Brett Terpstra,

Highlights has an average of 4.2 out of 5 stars in the Mac App Store world wide.

Where have you been all my life?

"Pulling highlights & notes out of a PDF and formatting them nicely into Markdown would be enough to rate 6 stars to me. But, the ability to sync back from the Markdown file to the PDF itself..... mindblowing.[...]"

- Article 13

Terrific, especially for academics!

"[...] It’s especially useful if you want to pull images and your annotations out of a PDF to use them in a paper, blog post, or just to archive and make easily searchable next to the PDF in something like Evernote or DEVONThink. [...]"

- Jafish

Holy Crap!!! This is Awesome!

"Med student here. Have been looking for something like this for ages. [...] Workflow is now: pptx β€”> pdf β€”> Highlights β€”> study. [...]"

- pliger

Literature review?

If the PDF contains a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) link, Highlights can download the metadata and embed it into the file - automatically.

Integrate it with your reference manger

Read, cite and write effortlessly.

Take it for a spin!

The demo is fully featured and without time-limits, but only extracts annotations from every other page of the PDF. The full version is available in the Mac App Store.

Highlights in the Mac App Store

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