Highlights is Different

Turn your annotations into beautiful notes.


Read & Annotate PDFs
Smart Merge Annotations
Edit PDF Metadata
Export Notes as PDF
Sort Annotations by Color Categories
Export Notes as Markdown, HTML & TextBundle files
Export Notes Directly to Apps
Save Sidecar Markdown/TextBundle Files (macOS)
Text Recognition
Table Recognition
Smart Copy
Custom Default Colors for Annotation Tools
Underline Power Tools
Selection Power Tools
Fetch Metadata
Citation Lookup
Integrate with Reference Managers
Support for Math Formulas (MathJAX)
Dark Mode
Custom Accent Colors (iOS)

Export Anywhere

It's your notes, you decide where they go.




Keep It



You can also export as Markdown, HTML or PDF files.

Lookup Citations

Automatically find DOI-links in scientific articles and download the correct metadata.

Markup a citation and tap the link icon to look it up. If you have already read the citation Highlights will link it to the PDF on your device.

Smart Copy

Smart Copy gives you the desired output for any annotation, letting you copy table data directly into a spreadsheet.

Images as PNG

Tables as CSV

Citations as BibTeX

Customize Appearance

Highlights supports dark mode and custom accent colors on all your devices.

Files Integration

Browse your files using the iOS document browser or the Finder on your Mac. Store your files on device, in iCloud Drive, Dropbox or other sync service.

Continue working on the same file on another device using Handoff. Highlights stores your annotations as standard annotations and does not lock your PDF files in.

What are people saying?

"If this is something you need, then Highlights is kind of a game changer."

- Gabe Weatherhead,


"[...] gather just the useful bits from an article to save you having to re-read it all."

- Catherine Pope,

The Digital Researcher

"Highlights, an amazing tool for two-way sync of Markdown notes with PDF annotations."

- Brett Terpstra,


"Where have you been all my life?"

"Pulling highlights & notes out of a PDF and formatting them nicely into Markdown would be enough to rate 6 stars to me. But, the ability to sync back from the Markdown file to the PDF itself..... mindblowing.[...]"

- Article 13

"Terrific, especially for academics!"

"[...] It’s especially useful if you want to pull images and your annotations out of a PDF to use them in a paper, blog post, or just to archive and make easily searchable next to the PDF in something like Evernote or DEVONThink. [...]"

- Jafish

"Holy Crap!!! This is Awesome!"

"Med student here. Have been looking for something like this for ages. [...] Workflow is now: pptx —> pdf —> Highlights —> study. [...]"

- pliger

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