Version 1.1

New features

  • New PDF tool: sticky notes
  • Scroll positions in sync
    • changing the page of the PDF, scrolls the extracted annotations list to the same page
    • scroll position of view and edit are kept at the same point
  • Annotation colors
  • Color-coding: give each color a name and sort annotations by their color
  • Improved sync between extracted annotations and PDF annotations:
    • removing an annotation in the text editor, removes it in the PDF as well
    • adding a note in the text editor, adds a sticky note in the PDF
  • Annotation headers: include subheading over each annotation with page, category, color, type, author and/or date information
  • Annotation spacers: separate annotations by a horizontal line
  • ATX-style Markdown headers (#h1# and ##h2##)
  • integration: open links in Papers. If the PDF is present in your Papers library it will be opened directly, otherwise Papers will attempt to fetch the article
  • Better cursor visibility in text editor: cursor changes color to white when over the dark background of the text editor


  • Tags are now written to both PDF and Markdown files when “Embed tags” preference is selected
  • Performance improvements