Version 1.2

New features

  • PDF search
  • Page-links:
    • clicking links in the Preview-window will scroll the PDF to that page
    • clicking link in exported HTML-file/Evernote/DEVONthink, will open Highlights and scroll to linked page
  • URL-scheme (backend for page-links):
    • Open file: highlights://Users/test.pdf
    • Open file on a specific page: highlights://Users/test.pdf#page=3
  • Performance improvements:
    • New MultiMarkdown parser: should handle books and PDFs with lots of annotations better
    • Improved asynchronous PDF saving (no interface lockup)
    • Snappier Markdown-to-PDF sync


  • Adding an annotation to a page with no other annotations resulted in wrong text selection in the editor
  • Incorrect meta-tag for UTF-8 charset in HTML caused issues on some systems
  • Annotation could in some cases end up on the previous or next page when scrolled far down or up as the page being annotated was not accurately determined
  • Lots of crash-fixes