macOS Version 2020.3

New design

  • New app icon!
  • Fresh new toolbar layout with large, beautiful icons and improved spacing
  • Beautiful full-height sidebar
  • New subtitle in the toolbar showing the page numbering
  • Search field in the toolbar expands automatically depending on the available space
  • Much improved preferences layout and navigation
  • New preference pane icons make it feel right at home on macOS 11
  • Cleaner menubar with PDF navigation features in a separate Go-menu

New features

  • Support for Apple Silicon based Macs
  • PDF appearances (Default, Sepia and Night - try the latter for a truly dark Dark mode)
  • Dictionary lookup right from the text selection popover
  • Better language support for text/table recognition (added German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Simplified and Traditional Chinese)
  • Export as WebArchive (requires Pro)

Other improvements

  • Navigate previous/next page using left/right arrow keys (when the PDF view is active)
  • Changed previous/next page commands to Alt-Up/Alt-Down