iOS Version 2022.6

New features

The big iPadOS 16 update! A whole new design optimized for Stage Manager and customizable toolbars:

  • Customizable toolbars: The center area of the toolbar is fully customizable including functionality previously only available using keyboard commands. Select “Customize Toolbar” from the bottom of the More menu to make it your own.
  • Document menu: The document title is always visible in the toolbar and when selected brings up the document menu with easy access to file operations including duplicate, move, rename, print and export actions.
  • Thumbnail sidebar: The bottom bar is gone to free up space for more content and replaced by a collapsable sidebar with larger thumbnails similar to on the Mac.
  • The segmented control in the center of the toolbar to control the View Mode has been replaced by a sleek button at the trailing end of the toolbar, giving space for customizable items at the center. Tap it for fast switching or long press to see the view options.
  • Search is now inline
  • A new export menu for fewer taps and a sleeker look
  • Settings is now available from the top of the More menu at all times
  • New edit menus and text selection popovers with support for light and dark mode
  • Improved support for keyboard/pointer navigation

In iPadOS 16 you can also collaborate on PDF documents via iCloud links. Just share the document and select Collaborate instead of Send Copy. The documents show up in the new Shared-tab in the document browser. Tapping on the “Shared with You”-button below the document in the document browser will take you directly to the conversation where the document was shared in Messages or Mail.


  • Lots of minor UI tweaks