macOS Version 2022.1

New Features

The macOS 13 Ventura update! Bringing the Mac version up to speed by adding a lot of highly requested features:

  • New Table of Contents view in sidebar for navigating books and other large PDFs
  • A new color palette: Light! Light is a semi-transparent color palette for those of you who wanted something even more subtle than Pastel for your annotations and notes
  • Automatically fetch metadata for scientific articles from arXiv - the open-access archive with more than 2 million preprints and postprints
  • Save a copy of the PDF without annotations from the File menu (e.g. to share the original document with a colleague or friend)
  • Print the PDF without annotations by disabling the “Include Annotations” in the Highlights section of the print dialog


  • Preferences has been renamed to Settings on macOS 13 Ventura
  • The background color behind the PDF when using night appearance is now black (no longer inverted in dark mode)
  • Fixed an issue where some toolbar buttons would appear too narrow
  • Fixed an issue with receipt validation related to AirPlay speakers when using an ethernet connection
  • Faster and more precise categorization of annotations into color categories (e.g. when sorting by colors)
  • Added support for DOIs with longer prefixes
  • ”#### Header” instead of “#### Header ####” in category and annotation headers
  • Fixed a bug where the notes view could turn blank after the app was in the background for a prolonged time
  • Changed default setting for text wrapping in exported Markdown to off for new installations