How to Add Comments to a PDF on iPhone

Download Highlights for free. Not on an iPhone? Checkout the Mac and iPad guides.

1. Open the PDF document in Highlights

Tap the PDF you want to open in the Highlights document browser:

iPhone displaying Highlights document browser

The PDF opens full screen:

iPhone displaying a PDF document open in Highlights

2. Select the text or element where you want the comment

This will bring up the selection popover:

Text selection popover

3. Tap the sticky note button in the selection popover

Note icon

The sticky note appears at the selected location and an annotation popover appears:

Annotation popover

4. Type your comment in the popover

Annotation popover with text comment

Click outside the popover to close it. Your comment is now saved in the sticky note in the PDF and the text contents added to your notes which you can easily share.

You can also add comments to other types of PDF annotations including highlighted text and image selections by clicking on them and typing in the text box of the annotation popover.