How to Format Your Notes on iPhone

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1. Tap the More button in the toolbar

Toolbar with More button highlighted

This brings up the document settings:

Document settings screen

2. Scroll down to the Note Format section:

Note format settings screen

3. Customize what to include and the note appearance

The following options control the formatting of the note and what information is included from each annotation:


  • Border (Default): Annotation colors are visible in the notes quote border.
  • Text and Border: Annotation colors are visible in the notes quote border and the formatting of the text matches that of the PDF annotation e.g. highlighted text in the PDF will be highlighted in the notes as well.
  • None: The colors of the original PDF annotations are not reflected in the notes.

Sort Annotations by Color

This option enables custom sorting of the annotations as explained here.

Color Palette

The color palette used in your notes. PDF annotations are sorted into color groups based on their actual color, these color groups are represented by a color based on the current color palette. By default this color palette matches the PDF markup palette, but you can specify a different here.

Color Categories

Here you can customize the categories used when sorting by color.

The page header is a header in your notes stating which page the following annotations are extracted from. When “Include page link” is enabled, tapping the header will take you to this page in the PDF.

Annotation Header

Includes additional information for each annotation:

Annotation header settings screen

Annotation spacer

Includes a line spacer between each annotation.