Legacy Upgrade

Why upgrade?

TLDR; iPad and iPhone version. Faster. Prettier. Table and text extraction. Smart Copy. 50% off first year.

The major selling point for upgrading is the new apps for both the iPad and iPhone with great support for iOS 13 with automatic dark mode, undo/copy gestures, support for multiple windows. If you are Mac only, there are still compelling reasons for upgrading:

New features:

  • Extract table data
  • Extract text from areas missing text layer
  • Smart Copy
  • Individual citation lookup
  • Handoff between Mac, iPad and iPhone

Smoother experience:

  • Faster annotation extraction
  • Improved sorting of annotations (especially for two-column articles)
  • Animated note changes
  • Dark mode for notes (also when exported as HTML)
  • New app icons
  • Improved interface

Discounted price:

If you purchased Highlights 1 you will get 50% off the yearly price by clicking the "Highlights 1 User?" link on the Subscription screen inside the app. Keep in mind that this link is only accessible from the macOS version of the app. The subscription will automatically renew at the standard subscription price after one year if not cancelled. The discount can only be used once and there is no two week trial with this subscription. If you purchased Highlights 1 in 2020, send me an email with your App Store receipt and I will gift you a year of Highlights Pro.

Why NOT upgrade?

Believe it or not, there are some people I do not recommend the new Highlights to:

  • You are on an older version of macOS (The new Highlights requires 10.15).
  • You need the Pro features, but dislike subscriptions.
  • You mainly used Highlights for the Edit-pane with the two way Markdown sync. This has been removed (for now), as it caused a lot of confusion as to what text is actually editable.

Try Highlights for Free!

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