iOS Version 2020.3

New design

  • New app icon!
  • Set alternative icons (requires Pro)
  • Light theme for popovers (when not in dark mode)
  • Cleaner looking selection states for color and annotation tool buttons
  • New icons for a whole bunch of buttons
  • Improved contrast for the info popup
  • Updated launch screen image

New features

  • Dictionary lookup right from the text selection popover
  • Better language support for text/table recognition (added German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Simplified and Traditional Chinese)
  • Export as WebArchive (requires Pro)

Other improvements

  • Made keyboard commands list easier to read
  • Changed previous/next page commands to match macOS (Alt-Up/Alt-Down)
  • Info popup now displays correctly beneath the toolbar when the toolbar is visible

iOS Version 2020.2.1

Minor improvements

  • Citation lookup now handles citations with ‘&’-characters correctly
  • Copying text from the PDF using the selection popover after selecting text in a text field caused a crash
  • Non-smart copy button inside annotation popovers now copies the marked up text (similar to macOS)

iOS Version 2020.2

Colorful new features

  • A new lighter default color set for PDF markup
  • Optional color sets to choose from: Pastel, Bright and Retro
  • Notes now show annotation colors in the quote borders
  • Notes can also reflect the text formatting of the annotation
  • You can customize the color set for notes to be the same or different from the markup set

Other improvements

  • iOS 14 fixes an issue with jumpy text selection in some PDFs with superscript text (e.g. for citations)
  • Improved handling of switching between keyboard, Apple Pencil, mouse and touch
  • Fixed an issue where a subset of PDFs would not correctly autosave annotations after the first save
  • Improved positioning of popovers when showing a keyboard
  • Text changes to comments are now saved when changing colors/types in the annotation popover
  • Settings screens are now clearer and easier to navigate
  • Reordered the colors in the popover and annotation bar
  • Improved color sorting for color categories
  • Lots of minor improvements to the annotating experience and working with multiple windows on iPad

iOS Version 2020.1.12

Minor improvement

  • Keyboard shortcuts for changing page using left/right arrows

iOS Version 2020.1.11

Minor improvement

  • The PDF and Notes no longer move when hiding the top and bottom bars (the content extends underneath)

iOS Version 2020.1.10

Minor improvement

  • Palm rejection added to the thumbnail scrubber in the bottom bar to prevent accidental page jumps while annotating

iOS Version 2020.1.9

New feature

  • Interact with the text and images in the notes pane and share via drag and drop (Requires Pro)

Minor improvement

  • Improved compatibility with markup from other PDF readers (missing characters from text selections)

iOS Version 2020.1.8

Minor improvement

  • Improved accuracy for sorting annotations in both single and multi-column PDFs

iOS Version 2020.1.7

Minor improvements

  • Improved text selection: popover menu now shows immediately when selecting text
  • Much improved export to DEVONthink: now uses Markdown for plain text and HTML for rich text + support for tags and titles
  • Optimized images: Notes now optimize image files to improve speed and reduce the size of exported TextBundles and HTML files
  • Added option to change the image quality in Settings -> Export Settings (Default is optimized, change to Original for highest quality)
  • Fixed a bug where exporting files with ampersand characters to Bear, Keep It and DEVONthink could result in partial notes
  • Fixed a bug where tapping an annotation while having an annotation tool selected in the annotation bar would result in the annotation being marked up

iOS Version 2020.1.6

Minor improvements

  • Selecting Highlight, Strikethrough or Underline from the annotation bar now lets you annotate with your finger without bringing up the popover
  • Sharing Notes as a PDF is much improved with more options for locations and actions
  • The “Note File Name”-setting now works as intended when sharing Notes as files
  • Note annotations are now sorted correctly according to their position on a page (top to bottom)
  • The page is no longer automatically zoomed out when changing the page if zoomed in

iOS Version 2020.1.5

Minor improvement

  • Fixed a bug where Smart Copy of tables with merged cells would give the wrong output

iOS Version 2020.1.4

Minor improvements

  • Improved keyboard shortcuts:
    • Adds keyboard shortcuts for exporting to specific apps and formats directly (same keyboard shortcuts as macOS)
    • Changed to Command+O for going back to the document browser (same as system apps)
    • Improved descriptions for keyboard shortcuts
  • Exporting plaintext files now uses .md instead of .txt for their file extension for improved compatibility with Markdown apps

iOS Version 2020.1.2

New feature

  • Adds support for annotating using pointing devices (mouse/trackpad)