How to Export PDF Annotations to Evernote for iPad

Download Highlights for free. Not on an iPad? Checkout the Mac and iPhone guides.

Artwork showing text, tables and images being extracted from the Highlights app icon to the Evernote app icon

Highlights extracts highlighted text and other types of annotations from PDFs and lets you export them directly to Evernote on your iPad.

1. Open the PDF document in Highlights

Locate and tap the PDF file you want to open in the Highlights document browser:

iPad displaying Highlights document browser.

The PDF opens in a document scene. If the iPad is in landscape orientation, the PDF and your notes will appear side-by-side with the notes on the right:

iPad displaying a PDF document open in Highlights

Your notes contain highlighted text and annotations that have been extracted using specific rules from the PDF.

2. Tap the share icon in top right corner:

This brings up the export menu:

For free users of Highlights, PDF will be the only enabled option in the export menu. Unlock Pro to get access to all options.

3. Select Open Notes in App..

This brings up the app selection menu:

4. Select Evernote

Your note opens in Evernote.

If you want to change how Highlights export your annotations, you can change what is included and the appearance of your notes in the note format settings.

You can also create your own sorting order for annotations using color categories.